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Community School Initiatives

Mission: To become a partner with Petworth’s local schools to be a community partner.

We know that school is an exciting time.  We have been blessed to provide school supplies for

students over the past couple of years.  We usually distribute the items in late August.  

In 2019, we were able to add  backpacks to the supplies distributed  to keep the items together and help  start a new fresh school year for students.  We have donated supplies to one

of the schools in the Petworth neighborhood and look forward to helping out our future leaders in their educational endeavors.

Faith In Action

Mission: To be the resource of comfort to members of the community who are in Need.

Faith in Action Ministry provides food, clothing, blessing bags of toiletries to individuals in shelters and  those who are unhoused.  Our members also take time to offer words of encouragement and minister the Word of God.

The Outreach Ministry (Faith in Action) focuses on meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our community.

Our Faith in Action Ministry has progressed over several years.  We started out with outreach efforts to the unsheltered populations  at various parks in the DC area.  We continued to serve and began to add toiletries which evolved  to giving out blessings bags as we traveled and intersected with people in various neighborhood and  meet people in need.  We give out blessings’ bags on a monthly basis. We have hot meals and  various items for  distribution to those in the community and  neighboring shelters one Thursday a month which have included winter clothing, meals and household items.  Let's join in together to reach further into our community and our world.

Dance Ministry

Generation of Praise Ministry: Praises God in movement and dance every third Sunday.

Generations of Praise dance ministry: Minister's to the body of Christ through praise, worship and choreographed movement steps/dance.

Expression of prayer, praise and worship through the art of dance.


Vacation Bible School

What a way to allow your children to engage in a Bible School experience that uses physical activities, games, science, music  and even dance; fun to learn important social

characteristics to help them grow spiritually and socially.  

We have loving teachers who have had many years of experience and who understand the importance of using various methods that foster hope fun and education.  Three nights of activities from 5pm to 8pm.  

Due to COVID,  virtual activities on Zoom until further notice

Tentative Dates: July 2021.

Doggie Treats

As we go day to day the simple things are so important.  

Our neighbors and friends move about the neighborhood and often walk their dogs.  

We at Petworth want to extend a sign of friendship and offer doggie treats a little something to say you and your 4 pawed friend are

important to us.  

We know that our pets are important, and we look forward to having our Bless

the Pet Service when we can again romp and run with our pets.  

Tentative date: TBD


MISSION: Provides health education and prevention, exercise programs and compassionate care and

support for all individuals. The ministry recognizes Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of salvation, strength and healing.

Become physically fit through exercise, training and nutrition classes so you can properly take care of the temple that God has entrusted to you.

ZUMBAAn exercise fitness program under the health and wellness ministry offered once a month.

PRAISEMOVES: Please join us for Praise Moves; a Christian Alternative to yoga.  A way to get all the physical benefits of the gentle exercise with a spiritual benefits, moving in a way that honors our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.  A way to have fun, fellowship and learn spiritual and social principles to strengthen your mind body and spirit.  Age range children, teens, adults to seniors. Certified PraiseMove Instructors.

Restart date: April 2021 on Zoom.  


MISSION: To create a welcoming environment for all guests through the extending of radical hospitality.

Greeters: Welcome each guest/worshiper with a smile as they enter the church building during Worship celebrations/services and events.

Food and Beverage: Serve refreshments, plan

meals for special occasions.

Ushers: Welcome attenders, seat guests, distribute material, collect the offering, handle distractions, promote safety, and keep order.


MISSION: To extend God’s love through spiritual connection with prayer and physical uplifting. sending members get-well, sympathy and encouragement cards during their time of need.

Leadership Zoom Meetings

MISSION: Petworth UMC is part of the Four Church Collaborative and participates in monthly meetings on virtual platforms. We have general sessions before moving into our break-out rooms. The ongoing mission is to equip the leadership for effective service. In January we had a session lead by Dr. Joseph W. Daniels Jr. lead pastor of Emory United Methodist Church, entitled "Stop Sitting On Your Assets". 

We want to share what each church has planned. With this, we can support one another and, if not already done, ensure our calendar availability for each church’s planned event. A master calendar will be of benefit to all. Some of the activities may be collaborative events and may include:

Church Anniversary Celebrations

Men's Day

Choir Day

Women's Day/Mother’s Day

Remembrance Day

Vacation Bible School

Revival Week

Four Quarters of Faith

Youth and Young Adults Seminar or Workshop

Our primary focus for the meeting will be 2021 calendar events. As before, we will hold a general session before moving into our breakout rooms.

In April we had a session lead by Pastor Michael Parker where he gave training "So you're a Trustee", an excellent presentation.